But Why?

Recently a friend of mine learned she cannot have a child. I know that she would be a great mom.  Not long ago I met a child who was sold into prostitution by her own mother at the age of seven.  Now I ask you, wouldn’t things have been better off (and wouldn’t children have been better served) if God had allowed my friend to conceive while having that other mother to have been barren?

Together we could fill volumes with questions like this.  I’ve practically got enough for one volume from my own life and experience.

Here’s a big but from Saint Augustine (from City of God) on the matter:

When we come to Judgment Day not only will the judgments passed there seem to be most just, but all the judgments of God from the beginning will be likewise clearly fair.  Then too it will also become clear how just the judgment of God is in causing so many–in fact, almost all–of his judgments to evade men’s grasp of understanding.  Those who have faith will not fail to realize that such hidden judgments are just.

What I believe he was saying is that right now these things are beyond our ability to grasp, but one day they will all be understood in greater clarity.  Faith, then, becomes a key.  What does the bible say about faith?

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1)