Why YOU Should Like Big Buts

A friend from long ago sent me a note politely declining my suggestion that she LIKE the Facebook page for Big Buts. It is true, when the world reads “Jane Doe LIKES Big Buts” in FB’s news feed it could be misunderstood. Your fundamentalist friends may just un-friend you! Egads!

But that could be the very best reason to like Big Buts! Not losing fundy-friends, but causing you to have to explain.

That friend, in her note to me, wrote “I’ve gotten a few invites to like big butts”–notice that she used two t’s. I want to assure you, I’ve never invited anyone to like big butts. In fact, I work out at a gym several times a week with many, many people, and we’re all doing all we can do to avoid promoting big butts! I recommend people like Big Buts (with one ‘t’) because it’s a fantastic little conjunction, and where reading and getting more out of your Bibles is concerned, it can be invaluable.

Why LIKE Big Buts? How about for the very reason you might be nervous to LIKE Big Buts? Someone will see it in the news feed or in your list of ‘likes’ and wonder what has gotten into you. Conversation starter! “Did I see something about you liking Big Butts?” Uh, no. You saw something about me liking Big Buts… and let me tell you why. Voila!

So what are you waiting for? Go right now to the Facebook home of Big Buts and LIKE! Go immediately and follow @Big_Buts on Twitter. Time’s a wasting! After you’ve liked and followed, recommend it to your friends. Then be prepared for all the conversation opportunities it affords you. If it were me, I’d begin with a couple of real biggies, John 3:18 or Romans 3:21 perhaps. Or you can just refer to the ‘But O’ The Day’ that comes across the news feed from Big Buts–another great reason to LIKE is that verse a day to ponder.

And about big butts with two t’s… Planet Fitness people. $10 a month and no worries!